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珍珠閃石不對稱乾花耳環 Pressed Flower Earrings






-耳針使用925純銀或14k包金。 這些配件更持久,更細膩。







-This product features some flowers that have been pressed and preserved with resin, to last a lifetime. 

-Each piece is one of a kind  part of nature’s beauty.

They are dainty and minimal so they match every outfit and can be worn on any occasion! 

Because each piece is handmade with real plants, slight variations such as color, size, and plant placement may occur, making each piece a one of a kind.

-The parts are gold plated solid brass or stamped 14k gold filled parts. These parts are much more long lasting and delicate.

-Handmade in Hongkong


Extra care instructions:

Keep your piece of jewellery out of direct sunlight when strong, the best would be to store it in the box.

If you need to, try to gently wash the jewellery, just water would be best and don’t wear with heavy perfume sprayed over it as this may damage the gold or silver plating.

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